Many people feel that the spring and summer is the only time to get their house projects done. Something about the idea of “spring cleaning” appeals to many of us, and unknowingly inspires us to put off projects that could be better completed in the winter time. Painting is one of those projects, and this is especially true for painting companies in Portsmouth and on the Seacoast NH. Here are some reasons why:

1: Inexpensive interior painting is more common in winter time.

Winter interior painting tends to be cheaper than summer interior painting simply because of the ebbs and flows of the painting business in the seacoast area. For instance, painting companies in Portsmouth are far more likely to be busy in the summer for the exact reasons discussed above… there are more people looking for painting during the summer. The opposite is true in the winter. Fewer people are looking for interior painting in the Portsmouth area in winter, which means prices typically come down.

Off-Season Interior Paint Pricing in Seacoast NH

Make no mistake, the fact that paint pricing on the seacoast comes down does not mean the quality comes down. Quite the opposite, actually, which we’ll get into later. Pricing comes down simply because painting companies like Seacoast NH Painters simply have more room available in their schedules due to lower seasonal demand. Therefore, in order to fill their schedules, painting companies in the Seacoast area will often lower prices or take smaller jobs in order to keep employees busy and keep the “cash flow” moving.

Painting Supplies are Cheaper in Winter

Another reason you’ll find interior painting on the Seacoast to be less expensive in winter is that painting supplies are cheaper. Because hardware stores are looking to unload inventory at the end of the year, we are often able to pick up paint, brushes, and other supplies at a reduced price. Companies like Seacoast NH Painters are able to pass these savings along to our customers in order to enhance the value of getting your interior paint job in the winter.

Spring Paint Pricing in Seacoast NH

So does this mean that Spring will bring astronomically high paint prices in NH? Well, maybe for the other guys… but not us. We pride ourselves on being efficient with your job and your money, so you never have to worry about overpaying for our Seacoast painting services. If anything, you’ll be wondering, “How did they make that painting job so inexpensive?” Because we’re the best.

2) Interior paint companies in Portsmouth and Dover area are more available in winter

The factors that drive winter interior paint prices down in the Seacoast area will also enhance scheduling flexibility. Because interior painting companies have less work in winter, the customer is more able to “pick their day and time,” which is beneficial to everyone.

Scheduling an interior paint job in the Seacoast area

The easiest way to get your interior painting scheduled is to contact us here. We will get back to you shortly to set up a meeting to discuss your particular job and put together a painting estimate. We provide painting service all over the Seacoast NH area, including
• Portsmouth, NH
• Dover, HH
• Rye, NH
• Hampton, NH
• Rochester, NH
In addition to painting services on the Seacoast, we also offer painting services in Manchester NH and the surrounding cities and towns, such as
• Hooksett, NH
• Goffstown, NH
• Derry, NH

3) Planning a winter interior paint job in Seacoast NH is easier than a summer paint job

There’s a big wild card anytime you’re talking about planning a paint job: weather. For this reason, exterior paint jobs on the Seacoast in NH can take longer than expected. However, interior paint jobs are much easier to plan because there are, of course, no weather restrictions to consider.

Plan your Seacoast NH Interior Paint Job

Whether you’re looking for wallpaper removal, interior wall painting, kitchen painting, or something else, Seacoast NH Painters is your go to painting company in the Portsmouth and Dover NH area. Call us at 603-821-9799 for a free interior painting quote and you’ll likely be surprised at how affordable and easy it is to have the interior of your dreams.

4) Paint adheres better in dry, winter air.

The factors create dry skin are the same factors that make winter the best time for interior painting in the Seacoast area.

Hot, humid air makes it increasingly difficult for paint to adhere to your desired surface. Additionally, summer air can lengthen the drying process, allowing more time for dust to interfere with your beautiful interior paint job. Dry, winter air takes all this away and provides a much more suitable environment in which your paint can dry quickly and beautifully.

Additionally, winter makes for an easier painting project because paint fumes will be less bothersome. Hot, humid air mixed with paint fumes is a less than attractive experience. While winter can pose some ventilation challenges because you might let some heat out of your home with the help of open windows, this can typically be easily overcome with portable space heaters and electric radiators.


Schedule your winter interior paint job on the Seacoast.

There is no reason to put off that interior painting project you’ve been wanting to get done. There’s no longer any reason to have ugliness inside your home. Rid your home of that color you’ve never liked, or that wallpaper from the prior owners. Contact us here, and we’ll have you loving that room again in no time!