Professional Exterior House Painting Services in Seacoast NH

Let’s face it: the way your house looks from the road is of utmost importance.  You want it to look pristine, and we’ll make it happen.  We have a highly trained, qualified team in Portsmouth Seacoast NH that you can trust to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Exterior House Services generally include trim, siding of all types, garages and garage doors, fences outdoor furniture and landscape features.  We specialize in patios, decks, or porches restoration and refinishing via Premium Deck Restoration!


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Our local family run team has over a decade of experience together working with home owners, renters, and businesses.
We are so confident in our abilities to make your house shine like new, we guarantee it.  See something you don’t like? Well we’re just gonna fix that for you!
Painting your home or commercial property is a BIG deal.  It can take a lot of time… unless you call Seacoast NH Painters!  We’ll immediately reach out, quote and analyze, giving you a realistic timeline so you are not planning your busy life around us.
We don’t just paint your house, we protect it.  Full sand, scrape and washdown to primer lock BEFORE any painting is going to protect and insulate your home for years, making a new fresh coat of paint a simple and easy decision down the road.

'Whole House' Exterior Service

Get it done right and protect your house for years to come.  Save money while doing it!  Easier to maintain and increases energy efficiency.


Wood, Aluminum, and Vinyl Siding Paint NH

Our team has specific knowledge and expertise in painting multiple types of surfaces.  Therefore, whether the exterior of your home is wood, aluminum, or vinyl, we’ll be able to turn your job around in no time.  And it will look perfect!

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Decks, Patios, Porches and More!

Nothing will do more damage to your deck than allowing it to remain untreated.  The trouble with most decks is that, since they are outside, they get neglected and are covered with mold and other signs of wear.  Seacoast NH Painters is the right team to clean, refinish, and paint your deck or patio to give your outside living space a new breath of fresh air.  Imagine enjoying your morning coffee this year on your beautifully cleaned, refinished and painted deck or patio. You’ll be glad you called us!


The most common reason that people let their deck become moldy and decomposed is that it is too hard to remove the green residue that builds up over time.   Anyone who has ever gone out to buy a deck brush and mold cleaning solution knows exactly the feeling.  And getting to all the slats that hold up the railing?  Not easy, not fun.  That’s why you should let us handle it…. we’re pros, we know what we’re doing, and we won’t charge you an arm and a leg to come give your exterior space new life.


Garage Painting

Give that old and tattered garage a new new look with a clean and a fresh paint job.  Your garage does not have to be the neglected, beat up room in your home!  Our team will come in and transform your garage into a place you’ll not only want to park your car, but a place you’ll be proud of.

Not only can we offer basic garage painting, but we can also help you repurpose your garage if that is your goal.

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