A seacoast NH Painter working on the side of a large commercial office building with blue paint on a ladder.

NH Professional Commercial Painting Services

Livening up your current business?  You understand how valuable each day is, and we do too.  That’s why we pledge that we will work efficiently and professionally to finish your painting job so you and your customers experience as little downtime and disruption as possible.  We also work Saturday and Sunday hours, in some cases, to make the process much more convenient for our clients.

Starting a new business?  Let us be part of your planning process to get your location up and running.  We are sensitive to the needs of a new business owner and understand that you will want absolute perfection for your customers.  And of course, we’ll deliver!  On time, and on budget.


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Office Space & Interior Business Painting

The color of the walls in your office sets the tone for the type of culture you’re trying to foster.  What message is being communicated currently by the paint color in your office?  Is time for an upgrade?  Give us a call at Seacoast NH Painters and let us handle the job for you while you focus on running your business.  Our team will come in, get a good feel for what color/theme you’re going for, make suggestions as necessary, and deliver your results on time and on budget.


Bar and Restaurant Painting

You want your restaurant to look awesome, right?  When people sit down to dine at your establishment, the colors around them must tell the story you want them to hear.

However, you’ve probably got enough to worry about if you’re starting (or running) a restaurant, so leave the painting to us.  Let’s talk about the story you want to tell to your diners, and we’ll make it happen for you.

You’ll be very proud of how your business looks to your patrons, which will allow you to focus on providing them with the same great service we will be providing to you!